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The US has approximately 120 million occupied housing units between owners and renters. At some point, all of these homes were bought or sold by homeowners or investors.  Would it surprise you to learn that 92% of all homes sold in 2021, were sold with a realtor involved?

The home buying process can be a daunting one, especially in the current hot housing market. In a bustling market, not only can it be a challenge to find a home, but also tricky to be the one that gets the winning bid. 

Using a realtor is beyond valuable, whether you're buying or selling, to navigate the current real estate climate. When you secure a  real estate agency that understands your needs for home buying or selling, they can make all the difference in the process. 

Read to learn more about why you should use a realtor for your real estate needs. 

Before Buying a Home, What Should You Do?

There are a plethora of home buying mistakes you can make as you look for the perfect home to buy. You want to approach the home buying process with careful thought and planning. 

You want to have a good handle on your financial situation including the amount of debt you have, your credit score, and savings for a down payment. You want to do some real thinking about what you hope to get in a home and from what neighborhoods. 

Before you run out looking at the homes for sale, maybe ones way out of your reach, you need to think through what you can afford too. 

Working through this process can be streamlined and guided by an experienced real estate agent. They know how to help their clients figure out what they want and need in a house and where they can potentially find it within their budget. They will also be honest with you when your expectations might not be in line with reality.

Before you jump too far into the home buying process, interview some real estate agents. Find an agent you feel comfortable with, who can give you honest feedback and guide you through making this huge purchase.  

Before Selling a Home, What Should You Do?

 You might be thinking or hoping the best way to sell my house is to put my home for sale by owner. You would be making a big mistake. 

You might be thinking I can do the things a realtor does and save the commission. Guess what? When homebuyers see a house for sale by owner, they expect to score a bargain. Statistically, homes for sale by owner sell for less money and you still do the work. 

When you list your home with a realtor to sell, you get their expertise at pricing it right. You get their ability to market it for you and you get their feedback to make sure the house is sell-ready. When you get offers, you also get their expertise at navigating a negotiation. 

Yes, you will pay for those services. But in the end, you usually still end up ahead of where you might have been when trying to go it alone.

Why You Need a Realtor to Buy and Sell

For the same reason, you need a mechanic for your car and a stylist for your hair, you need a realtor for your house. They are experts at what they do and know how to navigate the waters of buying and selling a home. 

Let's take a closer look at some of the specific reasons you should work with a realtor for buying or selling. 

Expert Guidance 

There are some common mistakes homebuyers make if they approach the process without a realtor. A licensed real estate agent has the expertise to guide homebuyers through the process and point out potential problems before they happen. 

If a homebuyer is looking at a house, they may not notice things that an experienced agent sees. Likewise, a home seller can get the expertise of a realtor to help them get their home sold quickly. 

Objective Opinions

Buying and selling a home can be an emotional experience. People get excited and it's possible to not see important aspects of the house. 

A realtor can provide an unbiased opinion without the added emotion to guide you through the process.

Market Knowledge

An experienced local real estate agent has market knowledge that can be invaluable as you look at a certain area. Even from one town to the next, knowledge of neighborhoods, schools, and homes that might be available. 

The realtor will have a good understanding of pricing for homes in the area, knowing either how to price a home to sell or whether a home is priced fairly for purchase. 


One thing that experience brings to the table for homebuyers and sellers is the ability to guide you through the process. They can even help move the process along by managing all the involved parties. 

There are always some who think they can do the work of a real estate agent. Yet, the experience a realtor brings to the table is well worth the fees paid to the realtor for their service. 


Negotiation Skills

An important part of buying and even selling a home involves making an offer on a house or deciding to do with an offer. A realtor brings negotiation skills as you discuss home prices, repairs, and even when you can take possession of the house. 

Their negotiation skills can help you to avoid home buying and home selling mistakes.  

Benefits of Using a Realtor 

The best way to buy a home or sell a home is with the guidance of a realtor. They bring a multitude of skills and experience that make your home buying or home selling experience better.

Before you start to search for homes for sale near me, you need a realtor to work with you. Contact us today to let us help you with the process. 

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