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Born and raised in Central and Sixmile.

I attended school at D W Daniel High School and Pendleton High School.

I moved to Townville shortly after starting my family and beginning my career in healthcare. Prior to my career in Real Estate I worked at Bon Secours Mercy Health Emergency Room in Downtown Greenville for 6 years and worked through not just the Ebola Pandemic, but also through the beginning and heart of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I have 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy, Lena, Alexandria, and Malachai and have been married to my wife, Summer, since 2015.

I love the area that I live in, but I will always have a heart for the area in which I was raised. Clemson has so much to offer to anyone from any walk of life. The area is beautiful, rich with a sense of home, and the weather is ‘just right’ almost year round. Not to mention the atmosphere of fans during game days where everyone comes together to support our local team. The areas outside of Clemson are just as wonderful, such as Pendleton, Anderson, Seneca, and Central. I’ve spent many years in every single one of those towns and have strived to help the communities and small businesses within them. I take great pride in doing my part to make communities better and more inclusive.

I’ve even had the honor of going to school, and graduating, with some notable former Clemson Football players such as Shaq Lawson, Adrien Dunn. So my heart will forever be with the Tigers. I love the outdoors, such as hiking, but I’m also a fan of craft projects and gaming. A jack of all trades, if you will. That’s one thing that keeps the areas I work in so special to me, they offer a little bit of anything and a whole lot of everything.

I’ve always had an interest in Real Estate, and go into each and every transaction with one thing in mind. To be good help to those in need. A phrase that I learned during my time in the hospital. Same end goal, just different avenues to achieve it.


My goal is to treat others like family, be of good help to those in need, and to always prioritize building newfound relationships over transactions. I want to meet people, build new friendships, and have laughs along the way.



Richard Locklear II

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